Freedom Tour Location added

Date Location Time Address 10/12/2021 Calvery Wilson 6:30 Address: 2988 60th Ave, Wilson, WI 54027 10/13/2021 Ready Randy’s 6:30 1490 131st St, New Richmond, WI 54017-6654 10/19/2021 West Wind Supper Club 6:30 709 N Main St, River Falls, WI 54022-1505 10/27/2021 Papa’s Bar & Grill 6:30 2697 State Road 64, Emerald, WI 54013-4603 11/2/2021 Barn Board […]

Why doesn’t 3M tell the federal gov…….

The United States Constitution doesn’t provide the federal government the power to mandate experimental drugs. The government is supposed to represent the people and protect our God-given rights! Why doesn’t 3M management point this out to our government and move on? Our bloated federal government gives away more and more cash every year to those […]

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